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Assure DNA Aunt or Uncle Test

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We just made DNA Testing Easy as 1 2 3!

Receive – We will send you the self- sample kit through the post in discreet packaging. Simply follow the information guide on how to take your own DNA sample.

2.Return – Using the pre-paid envelope enclosed, send your completed testing kit back to our laboratory. We will then begin the analysis.

3. Results – You will receive the results the very next working day. Results can be provided by email or by post.

* Want your results quicker? We offer a Same Day Results service at an additional cost of £50.00. Please contact us after purchase.

What is Assure DNA Testing from Home?

Easy to use, pain free and safe: Our home DNA testing kit is designed to be used in the comfort of your own home. All participants sample themselves and return the swabs to the laboratory for testing.

Your detailed scientific report will be returned to you by email the very Next Working Day to when samples are received* (Free 1st Class sample kit postage included)

Accuracy of results in excess of 99.99%.  A DNA test is the most accurate way to determine paternity. It is extremely rare that your results will be inconclusive. 

Peace of Mind tests are not suitable for legal purposes.

Relationship Test: A test to determine whether two people are related as aunt/uncle nephew/niece or grandparent/grandchild or are unrelated to one another. 

What is included with your purchase?

DNA Step by Step guide on how to complete your DNA Avuncular Test Kit
3 x Self – Sample Swabs 
3 x Self – Sample Envelopes
Terms and Conditions
Frequently Asked Questions

* Should you wish to add an additional child to be tested, please contact us on 01603 358 161 before purchase.

How is the DNA Relationship test is carried out? 

Each individual provides a mouth swab that has been scraped on the inside of their cheek. This removes cells which are transferred to the swab. Once returned to the laboratory, DNA is extracted from these cells. 

For the purposes of the test we are only interested in certain areas of DNA known as STR markers. Fifteen of these markers, along with an additional gender-specific marker, are amplified using a process called PCR. The results of this process are then separated and identified using a genetic analyzer. This allows us to produce a DNA profile for each tested individual. 

The DNA profiles of the individuals are then compared to one another in order to determine the nature of the relationship between them. It would be expected that related individuals would share more DNA with one another than unrelated individuals. 

Calculations are then performed which assess whether the individuals are related as grandparent/grandchild, aunt/uncle nephew/niece or whether they are unrelated based on the amount of shared DNA and how common or rare that shared DNA is in individuals of a similar ethnic background. These calculations, known as the Relationship Index and the Unrelated Index, are then used to determine whether or not there is a biological relationship between the individuals. 

How the results are interpreted:

 The results of the Relationship Index and Unrelated Index calculations are compared to one another to produce a likelihood ratio. This ratio tells us how many times more likely the individuals are to be related as opposed to unrelated or vice versa. For example, if the tested individuals wish to know whether they are related as uncle and niece or whether they are unrelated, the Related Index and the Unrelated Index will be compared to tell us which scenario is more likely. A likelihood ratio greater than 20 is required for a conclusive result.

Please see our FAQ page on consent. Click Here


No additional fees apply. We send the testing kit out to you Free of Charge. We also provide you with a Freepost envelope to return the samples to our laboratory.

Once you have purchased this product. Your DNA Paternity Sampling Kit will be dispatched to you the following day on a 1st class postage service through Royal Mail. For orders placed over a weekend, your purchase will be sent out the following Monday or the next business working day.

Terms & Conditions

All Terms & Conditions, Code of Practice and Service Agreements can be found on our website. Click Here for more details