Service Level Agreement

Peace of Mind Services
  1. Definitions

1.1     In this Service Level Agreement the following phrases have the following meanings:




Peace of Mind Service

The peace of mind testing service offered by the Company, which is not suitable for use in court.

the Company

Anglia DNA Services.

the Client or the Clients

The person(s) or organisation who purchases services from the Company.

Tested Person

The individual whose samples are used for DNA relationship testing.

UKAS accredited

Indicates which tests are currently accredited to ISO 17025 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). All tests which are NOT UKAS accredited are subject to similar quality assurance controls as the accredited tests.


  1. Sample Collection

2.1     The samples are collected by the tested person, their parent or guardian, or the Client. A chain of custody is not provided.

2.3     The tested person or their parent or guardian will complete the consent form and sign to give consent.

2.4     Upon receipt samples are logged and their integrity checked.

2.5     The Company will not usually analyse a sample if (this list is not exhaustive):

  • The proper consent cannot be obtained
  • There are significant discrepancies in the information provided

2.6     The Client will be contacted with any queries and analysis will be delayed until discrepancies are resolved.


  1. Types of DNA Relationship Testing Offered

3.1     Samples will be subject to testing depending on the Client’s request.

3.2     Table 1 below shows the different types of DNA relationship testing offered, and their UKAS accreditation status:


Type of DNA relationship test offered

UKAS Accredited

Method used



DNA extraction, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), detection using ABI Genetic Analyser, analysis using Genemapper ID software









Y Chromosome


Single person profile


Twin Zygosity


Table 1


  1. 4. Reporting Results

4.1     Experienced scientific staff will review the analytical data before a report is issued.

4.2     From the point of sample receipt in the laboratory the Company’s current standard laboratory turnaround times for results are:

  • Testing involving up to three individuals – 2 full working days
  • Testing involving more than three individuals – 5 full working days

Express 8 hour and 24 hour services are available at an additional cost.

Note: in the event that a test is subcontracted to another laboratory further time may be needed for analysis to be completed.


  1. Complaints and Customer Service

5.1     If there is dissatisfaction with the Company’s service provision or product this will constitute a complaint. It is the Client’s responsibility to put in writing any complaints and submit this to the Company's Client Services Department.

5.2     The Company will initiate procedures to resolve all complaints and all necessary actions including investigations, where appropriate, will be undertaken to resolve them.

5.3     The Company is committed to providing quality customer service. The Company will therefore periodically review Service Level Agreements and seek Client feedback.


  1. Fitness for Purpose

6.1     The analytical methods used by the Company are fully validated in accordance with our quality management system.

6.2     All methods are monitored by strict quality control procedures and participation in proficiency testing schemes.


  1. Retention of Sample and Records

7.1     All swabs are stored for 1 month and extracted DNA is stored for 6 months unless otherwise arranged with us. After this time samples will be destroyed.

7.2   The Company will retain records for at least 12 months unless otherwise arranged with us. After this time all           paper copies will be destroyed by shredding and electronic data disposed of securely.


  1. Disclosure of Information to Sampled Individuals

8.1     Any sampled individual or their parent/guardian may contact the Company and request the disclosure of their results and/or other data held by the Company. The Company will in this situation refer such request to the Nominated Person/Instructing Party who shall be responsible for the disclosure of any such results and/or other data to the sampled individual or their parent/guardian. If the Nominated Person/Instructing Party negates their responsibility to inform them of the test results, the Company reserves the right to disclose such information to the sampled individual or their parent/guardian.


  1. Sub-contracting

9.1  Unless otherwise specified, the Company will perform all testing on site in Company Laboratories.

9.2     Where there is a requirement to Subcontract testing work the Company will notify the Client and samples will be sent to an approved, competent laboratory. Details of the subcontractor laboratory will be provided in the report.

9.3     Should the Client wish to specify a subcontractor the Company will not be held responsible for the work carried out by the nominated Subcontractor.