As with other biological sample procedures, consent is required before a sample of blood, saliva or hair is taken for analysis. Under the Human Tissue Act 2004 consent is also required (in England, Wales and Northern Ireland) for the use and storage of a sample to obtain scientific or medical information about an individual which relates to another person; this includes paternity testing. Please see Paternity testing for more information.

Each participant over the age of 16 years will need to consent for their DNA to be tested and will need to support this with a suitable copy of identification. For children under the age of 16, we will need signed consent for the test to take place from the mother, or person with parental responsibility for the child.

As a leading and reputable UK DNA testing provider, even if mother is not taking part in the testing, we will  still require the biological mother or the person with parental responsibility to sign and consent for the tested children’s samples to be taken, analysed and stored as per our Code of Practice.

We will simply not accept or analyse any samples  received without the written consent and agreed documentation of the participating party and/or the person legally responsible for the child.

*All samples must be received by 10am for results to be emailed the next day from 3pm