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DNA Test Instructions

How to use your assuredna kit:

assuredna Test Kit

Your assuredna kit includes:

3 x colour-coded swabs for Mother,

Father and Child 
Instructional DVD containing essential information

3 x colour-coded sample collection envelopes

Consent Form

Code of practice & Terms & conditions Leaflet

Postage paid envelope

  1. Consider the consequences             of finding out the result.                   Use our checklist to help.

   2Before you do the DNA test              PLEASE Call our helpline                       01603 507767

   3. Results within 24 hours*                   Upgrade to our express                    service: 
       *From receipt of samples in our laboratories 

steps  1 & 2

Step 1

Begin with the mother.
Fill in all details to the front of the mother's pink sample collection envelope.

Be careful not to touch the inside of the envelope

Step 2

Carefully open mother's swab packet by peeling back the flap and remove one pink swab.

Be careful not to touch the head of the swab.

Step 3

Holding the stick end of the pink swab, gently but firmly
rub the head of the swab
inside the mouth on the
inner cheek (on both sides
of the mouth) for about 30 seconds.

Gently shake the swab in the air for a few
seconds to dry.

Be careful not to put the swab down
or touch the head of the swab

Step 4

Place the used pink swab into the mother's pink sample collection envelope.

Step 5

Remove the second pink swab from the packet.
Repeat steps 3-4
Seal the mother's pink sample collection envelope.

Step 6

Next, complete steps 1-5 for the child using the child's yellow swabs and yellow sample collection envelope.

Step 7

Complete the sampling by repeating steps 1-5 for the father,
Use the father's blue swabs and the blue sample collection envelope


Before you return your assuredna kit please ensure you have included:

  Pink, Blue and Yellow Sample Collection Envelopes

   Consent Form completed in full, ensuring that you sign where required

   Photocopies of ID Documents for each person to be tested

For all persons to be tested who are over 16 years of age:
          Photocopy of Driver’s Licence or Passport or front and back bank/credit card
          For all persons to be tested who are under 16:
          Photocopy of Birth Certificate or Passport or Photograph signed and dated by mother


You need to enclose payment for your test, either cheque or postal order (made payable to Anglia DNA Services Ltd) or pay in advance with your card via the phone. Please do not send cash.

   Detach your reference slip and keep this safe  (this contains your unique case reference number)

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